21 Types Of Casual Shoes Men Should Own This Year

Some people go to the beach to just relax, play in the water and enjoy the sun. However, there are others who like to go to the beach to participate in activities such as fishing from jetties or the beach, skiing on water skis or exploring beach caves or cliffs. For these more adventurous people, the Nike Aqua Sock IX Water Shoe is the perfect fit for their feet. Nike Aqua Sock IX water shoes provide comfort and protection whether your feet are wet or dry, and they provide the type of traction that is essential for sports involving sand, stone and slippery surfaces.

The Nike Aqua Sock IX Water Shoe is perfect for running on the beach. Beach joggers love how light these shoes are so their feet can breathe, but they also like the arch support they get when running. Jogging on the beach can be very taxing for feet and legs, because sand has so much "give". With the Nike Aqua Sock IX Water Shoe, runners still get maximum effect on the leg muscles that beach running can provide, but they can run longer distances because of the comfort these shoes offer.

The Nike Aqua Sock IX water shoe is excellent for riding jet skis in the water, as the shoe is specially made to stay strong and comfortable when wet, but it can still hold onto the jet pedals without slipping off. When you drive one of these vehicles on the water, it can get pretty uneven, and this fact, combined with shoes that do not have good traction, can be a recipe for disaster. With Nike Aqua Sock IX Water Shoe this never has to be a problem.

The part of the Nike Aqua Sock IX water shoe that surrounds the top of the foot is made of neoprene and textile, which is quite extensible, making them perfect for rock climbing or beach caving to explore. Although the material is sufficiently stretchy and porous to make the shoes comfortable when doing vigorous activities, it can still keep your feet warm when the weather is cool - even when the shoes have become wet. For this reason, those who are kayaking, canoeing or fishing from the beach or from a boat find them ideal. The shoes are also made to dry quickly, which adds to their overall comfort.