30 Closed-Toe Shoes to Wear If Your Summer Pedicure Isn’t Ready

30 Closed-Toe Shoes for Summertime: Glamour.com

The ever-popular Nike brand has got another hit to their name - Nike Reax - these are sturdy shoes that are available in attractive shades for men and women. The Reax technology consists of a unique mechanical health protection system that provides a very good damping effect on your foot during intense workouts and beyond. This type has excellent boy shoes with breathable mesh and upper leather with supportive overlays for a fit and secure feel. The midsoles have a unique mechanical health protection system that contributes to the comfort factor. For increased durability, the shoes are designed with an outsole that is not marked in rubber.

Women have a good alternative in Reax IV High Performance running shoes. They are available in neutral colors of white silver and blue. Those who are interested in several sports activities can go to Nike Women's Reax which is cross-trainer shoes and provides comfort and side stability.

High-speed shoes for men are made in a way that keeps the foot cool and dry all the time. The metallic overlays help increase overall support and style. The sole, footbed and collar of the shoes are all padded to provide maximum strength. The outsole that is not marked and made of rubber provides good traction.

Nike Men & # 39; s Reax Revolution BB is a high performance cross ball cross that helps you cross, dribble, bounce and do all related basket ball maneuvers easily and with good balance.

Nike Reax also takes infant shoes called the Reax Running Iv. It is extremely lightweight and designed to provide maximum support for their growing feet. The average Nike shoes are priced at $ 15- $ 40, but there are premium models also available at higher prices. Try to buy them during their annual sales period when prices drop.