Baby Sandals Free Crochet Pattern and Video Tutorial

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Last year my friend recommended to me that I needed new golf shoes. I went to the local sports authority to check out the choice of golf shoes. Let me tell you, there are over twenty brands there and lots of shoes overall. I picked out Etonic Difference 3Z golf shoes. They were one of the most expensive shoes in the store, but when I buy I look at the prices to determine the quality and for the price tag of almost two hundred dollars I expected to get a really good shoes.

It was a real upgrade from my old Nike shoes that fell apart after just a year or two. I got the white and black stripe patterns. They are made of 100% leather. They are completely waterproof, which is great because I play in a rainy area, and when it's not raining I'm usually near the waterfalls! There are three techniques that work in this shoe at the same time.

First is the Bi-Fit Footbed which provides ultimate comfort. Second is the Gore Tex technology, which keeps the shoe waterproof and finally keeps your feet dry regardless of conditions. It also allows the sweat of the foot to evaporate from the shoe, so it keeps your foot cool as well. Finally, Stabilizer Technology keeps your feet solid, allowing for a solid swing without the foot moving. The rocks really dig in the grass that my leg never moves on my units or other swings.

The shoes are actually more comfortable than the regular sneakers I wear, and I wish they came out with a sneakers version of this. Actually, if you wanted, the clothes are removable, so I guess you can use this as a sneaker. This shoe not only improved my swing, but also improved my score on the back nine. My feet always started to hurt after the ninth hole, but after wearing these Etonic golf shoes, my feet didn't hurt at all during my round. I've seen my points go down by more than a few strokes and I would have to give credit to these shoes.

My friend, who recommended that I get the new shoes, also has Etonic shoes, but Etonic Dri-XC, which he also loves. Overall, I would recommend these shoes as they are the best golf shoes I have ever had, and they improved my game!