Clean or not ? #gaintrick #like #viral #explore

Clean or not ? #gaintrick #like #viral #explore

Last time we talked about outstanding features of "air in Nike", and I think you may have a general idea of ​​what the world this feature is, the principles it runs and its popularity as well.

The time it came out brings a revolutionary Nide forest water. Nike air as the first technology developed by Nike remains its powerful impact.

Below are the four main series of Nike shoes used with advanced technology:

Air Max
Air max is one of the most well-known and well-received Nike shoes series, and it is also the first Nike shoes to be applied with airbags. Strongly encapsulates the gas in the tough synthetic rubber and varying air chambers are formed such as: 5psi, 10psi, 20psi and 25psi, which improved the shock absorbing performance of the shoes. Usually it is used in half and the heel of the shoes.

Total air
As mentioned, the air totals mean that the entire shoes are filled with a pillow. And it's the upgraded version of air max. It consists of several cushions with different kilos and provides a safer and more comfortable protection and feeling.

air Tuned
When it comes to set air, it also has something to do with air max, that is, it develops from the latter. In addition, it is the composition of a number of polyurethane-based hemispheres that offers sports shoes additional cushioning performance in a specific area.

air Zoom
Based on Nike's advanced damping system, air zoom provides faster damping performance while closer to the ground. Usually the person responsible for half of the basketball shoes is placed, but there are chances that it is used in the heel part.