Here Are 2019’s Best Shoe And Boot Trends To Include In Your Collection

Here Are 2019's Best Shoe and Boot Trends – Fashion & Glamour Trends 2019 – Katty Glamour

Buying the right shoes is an investment.

An investment in your foot health, but not only!

It is also an investment in yourself, your appearance and the presence you project.


Because the shoes you wear say a lot about you.

They reflect who you want to be and what you want to show the world.

Different shoes differentiate you,

Redefine yourself,

Tell a lot without saying a word.

We all know that our self-image also depends on what we wear, and we change it,

And we can change how others perceive us.

But how can we find the right shoes that match our feet and our nature?

When buying new shoes:

- Wait until the afternoon to try on new shoes - your feet tend to swell during the day, especially when it's warm outside.

- Wear the right pair of socks, comfortable enough to use with shoes.

- Our body is asymmetrical, and often one foot is slightly larger than the other. Buy the shoes that fit well with the larger foot.

- Always test both sides, right and left. Finding out, much later that one side fits well, while the other is extremely painful, is not a good idea.

- Walk around. See how you feel. Enough space for your fingers? Make sure there is sufficient distance between your longest toe and the tip.

- If you are not comfortable, do not assume that the fit will improve in time. Find the shoes that will perfectly slip on your feet and make you feel wonderful from the second you put on them.

- Feel the inner part to check if seams or bumps can cause trouble, irritation or blisters.

- Test the soles. Are they strong to protect your feet? Try to walk on solid, rough surfaces to see how resistant the soles are.

So now that you know how to choose the right shoes without compromising your comfort, it's time to pay attention to design.

Here are some tips for choosing style to add to the life-changing presence:

How to choose your ultimate footwear that doubles your presence in life and gets streams of compliments a day and reminds you of how special you are.

- Choose the shoes that fit your look and challenge your personality. Encourage a profound change in your style.

- Choose unique colored shoes that fit your wardrobe and wonderfully upgrade your overall look. The colors provide freshness and vibrancy.

- Choose the shoes with the exciting design. You will probably be the only one wearing them for miles. Careful. Unique shoes pay attention to complementary strangers in the street.

Prepare for "where did you get them."

- Choose the shoes with quality, strong soles and soft body, because when you are comfortable you are beautiful.

- Search for handmade shoes and feel proud support for local manufacturing.

You can't miss fine crafts. Quality radiates with the prestige that explains who you are and what interests you.

- Stay away from over-used trends. Buy shoes you can wear for several years.