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Some women believe that beauty requires sacrifice. That is why many girls sacrifice their comfort in pursuing beauty. But they make a mistake if they think shoes have nothing to do with health. Most women may have such an experience that they buy a pair of charming high-heeled shoes, but for the most part they stay in the closet because they are so uncomfortable. But how can women find shoes that are not only comfortable, but also attractive?

The first and most important standard for your shoes is to be comfortable. Doctors say, the most important reason for early varicose veins is pain on the feet. If you have any problems in the back, it may be your shoes. This means that high heels are not the best choice for women. But you don't have to abandon high heels forever. You should reduce the time with high heels. When choosing shoes, make sure your body weight is evenly distributed on both feet. High heeled shoes are quite harmful, you should choose comfortable flat shoes instead of high heels. Ideally, professional women can buy two pairs of shoes: shortcomings for everyday wear and thin high heels for special occasions.

When choosing the shoes, remember not to try them in the store to ensure they have comfort and convenience. It is very important. After a long standing or a long walk, confirm the feeling of your feet. The other thing you need to look for, it goes without saying, is the right size. If the shoes are loose with your feet or vice versa, they are very tight. They will make your feet ache. Third, choose good quality shoes. Do not pursue a cheap, you should pay more attention to your health.

If you want to buy shoes in everyday life, the principle you should follow is practical and safe. Say goodbye to thin heels, which are glowy but not comfortable. Try to choose breathable flat shoes, which make their color darker than your clothes. If you need to go for a long walk, don't buy pads, they will surely affect blood circulation. Choose more suitable swimwear with flat slippers when going to the sunshine beach. If your feet are a little greasy, pay attention to the color of shoes, dark colors will make your feet look smaller.

Overall, every woman deserves a pair of comfortable shoes. There is no doubt that money is less important than your health. Women should love themselves first, and then someone will love you.