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Women's Running Trainers NMD r1 white and purple pink adidas shoes

Nike Hyper Dunk 2010 is a basketball shoe that is known for its amazing ankle support and one of the best in style and design. This review and article will cover aspects of this shoe such as style, comfort / fit, weight, durability, cushioning and also some discussion about pricing.

Style at Nike Hyper Dunk 2010 is modern and is aesthetically good compared to other basketball shoes on the market. It has a cool center of top design that gives it a fresh look. The hole on the side of the center of the top may be there for breathability and lighter weight, but it looks good regardless. Most of the material consists of synthetic leather which is known as a good material for basketball shoes because it is both durable, lightweight and soft.

Comfort + fit
The Nike Hyper Dunk 2010 has been known for its big ankle support because of its sophisticated design. Its U-cup that helps with the stability and safety of the foot is an important point in the comfortable ankle support. Some experts have said that as soon as you see the au cup on a basketball coach you can guarantee that you will have good ankle support.

The Hyperserie with basketball shoes focuses on light performance and that the Nike Hyper Dunk 2010 still applies. The material it uses consists of very lightweight fabrics, and this is especially true on the front of the shoe.

Around the outside of this basketball shoe is a durable rubber that does not feel and ensures that the trainers stay in tact all the time that you use them. The most important area of ​​the foot is the heel and a lot of rubber is in this area. This is because this area is most affected because many players will wear the heel out much sooner than the coaches' fonts.

Shock absorption is as you would expect with a Nike Hyper Dunk 2010. When you put them on, they will feel resilient and bounce with your movements. This is a good indication of the cushioning ability of this shoe and it shines through when you put them on for the first time.

Overall, the Nike Hyper Dunk 2010 is a great basketball shoe if you want the latest high-tech features and ankle support at the top to go with it.

If you are considering buying this basketball shoe you should definitely do some extra research, it can make the difference!